About Arizona Reclaiming Witches

We have gathered together in these cities in the desert, proudly identifying ourselves as witches, honoring the Goddess of all, the Goddess in each other, the Goddess in ourselves.  

We define magic as “the art of changing consciousness at will.”  Among our magical tools are empowerment, healing, ecological and social justice, and compassion.

We are Reclaiming Tradition Witches

  • We are as diverse as the world we live in, joined together with the understanding that we each are our own spiritual authority in non-hierarchical community.
  • We recognize that the split between the ‘sacred’ and the ‘mundane’ and ‘political’ is illusory, that the separation of ‘body, mind and spirit’ is arbitrary; some of the highest forms of magic are equally likely to occur at a political event, at a concert, at the dinner table, in line at the grocery store or within a circle.
  • Our tradition is ecstatic, rather than fertility-based in traditional Wicca; although it is common for there to be laughter, playfulness, and levity in our rituals, the deep and self evolving transformative work of self-empowerment in the world we live in, in our present culture, in our lives as they are today, eclipses the more traditional celebration of otherworldly natures.
  • All of our public classes and events are drug and alcohol free. We strongly support sobriety.
  • We are gender-inclusive and respect and honor gender-fluidity and those of all sexual orientations.
  • This is the world of magic and mystery.  We are living representatives of Goddess.

Please read the Reclaiming Principles of Unity for more info.

In addition to other events, we Gather for public ritual on the sabbats.  We also gather once every month, on the second Thursday for discussion group.

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