The Priestess and the Pea


There is no litmus test to prove I am a good enough witch to be called a witch. There are no number of mattresses, herbs, or visions had or not had that prove my magickal ability. I am a witch because I am. No outside force can determine this for me as it is a conscious choice I make every day. To continue on, to stay married, to live, to follow the path or to walk off it. I get to decide the events of my life.

This and much more make me a witch, but not one of them is exclusively the threshold of this. I grew this in my belly–in my being. I give birth to this feeling. I am the mother and the father, the goddess and her consort, the alpha and omega. The breath that sustains my womb, that fills my bones, gives me the structure to choose this life.

[Listen to the wordless words, the whispers on the winds, the voice within. Hang on to this moment and relish in it There is no time but right now. Being here is one of the steps for me to glimpse a single moment]

Who are we?

Journaling to spin the web that is our bed, to cradle me while I dream.

“No one just does anything.”
Daily practice is not arbitrary; these things we commit to do are not only improving our lives, but, in essence, making the world a better place than we found it just by being here. It is not a requirement to leave the world in a better position than I found it in. I could be flippant, if I desired: Hexing this, not recycling that, failing to make peace in my busy mind. What contribution will I make at that point? None even to myself. Commitment isn’t usually focused on self-indulgent instant gratification. Being in The Work is, at large, an extended sacrifice for the greater good, the understanding that what I do matters, every little bit. In the wise words of Doctor Who “No one just does anything.” And it’s true.

More than anything, commitment to make ourselves better will make the world better. Being a witch is a great responsibility–we choose to make ourselves better so a future we may not see can be better than today.

To Be Continued.

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