Musings of the Fool


I’ve started reading Rachel Pollack’s book, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, and came across this little gem in the first chapter.

“People often confuse the purposes of spiritual disciplines…Accepting the doctrine that we have fallen from a perfect state to a limited one, the occultist does not believe we must simply wait passively for some future redemption by an outside agent. On the contrary, he/she believes it is our responsibility to bring about that redemption by finding the key to unity.

“The Tarot is not the key. It represents a process, and one of the things it teaches us is that we make a mistake when we assume that unification comes through any simple key or formula. Rather, it comes through growth and increased awareness as we travel step by step through the twenty-one stages of the Major Arcana.

“For example, consider the misunderstood word innocence. It doesn’t mean ‘without guilt’ but rather a freedom and a total openness to life, a complete lack of fear that comes through a total faith in living and in your own instinctive self. Innocence does not mean ‘asexual’ but instead sexuality expressed without fear, without connivance and dishonesty. It is sexuality expressed spontaneously and freely, as the expression of love and the ecstasy of life.

“The Fool bears the number 0 because all things are possible to the person who is always ready to go in any direction. He is not fixed like the other cards. His innocence makes him a person with no past, and therefore an infinite future. Every moment is a new starting point.”

So, having just returned from California Witchcamp, I have yet another personal goal to add to my “to do” list (in addition to learning to drum-what fun!).

I’m going to revisit the Tarot with Reclaiming eyes, starting with the innocent Fool and his infinite possibilities, and the firm belief that anything can happen, regardless of events of the past.

We are the change, and love is the law. The only law that matters.  We can make it so. And So Mote It Be.






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