AZ Tribe has 10 traveling to witchcamp this year

Guess what?

Each event we hold we have 2 donation baskets.  One is marked “Send a witch to camp” and the other is for general funds.  Now, most of our events are No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds, but the basket offerings help out in a variety of ways.

The general funds supplement our ritual and social activites (coffee on cold-morning rituals, provided us with Ostara Eggs filled with crystals, candies, fortunes) and so on.  And there’s always the occasional candles and incense, draped fabric, and other things which make the rituals go from good to GREAT.

But its the “Send a witch to camp” basked that we’re most excited about today!!!  The California Witchcamp ( has scholarships that help those who may have difficulty in obtaining all of the funds required for the week of super-cool transformation.

In our group’s early days we pondered “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a scholarship that would help support or local witches in getting to camp?”  The dream seemed so far away.  And then, it happened.  So far we have been able to supplement half of the fees for two witches to go to camp.

What’s more, the total number of AZ Reclaiming Witches to head to camp this year:  TEN.  We will be the AZ Tribe Witch Camp Caravan.  WOO HOO!  California Witchcamp!  Here we come!